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Direction Demian Albers (APVIS) |   In co-operation with Micha Hamel

Every object deserves critics to become stronger

In ‘Lure’ the problem concerning the phenomenon seduction is expressed. The immersive experience is shaped into a journey, which has a forceful character. A lovable female voice subjects the attention of the spectator to its own regime and drags it into a sensual experience until it slowly turns into something more sinister. In the end there is one escape left: true reality.

Do you remember me? Do you recognize my voice?…

Lure is a multi-medial 360 degrees poem especially made for the Oculus Rift. Together with poet Micha Hamel,
visual artist Demian Albers created a three dimensional environment; a poetic digression of the text that can be heard through the headset. During the five-minute immersion, words and images influence each other, confront each other and are exchanged in a playful way.
By using theatrical operations, the creators want to offer the spectators an intensive, tantalizing experience that in no means tries to replace intensive reading or intensive observing, but offers an interdisciplinary experience in its own right in which the opportunities of this new medium are explored and fully honoured.

This installation is created on the occasion of the Dutch and Flemish guest of honor presentation at the Frankfurt bookfair 2016 and financially supported by the Dutch foundation of Literature, the Creative industries fund NL and the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs.


The première of Lure was held during the Leipziger Buchmesse 2016, in Leipzig and screened at  national and international festivals.


Concept Demian Albers en Jenny van den Broeke // APVIS en Micha Hamel
Poetry Micha Hamel
Visual artist and direction Demian Albers
VR Design Demian Albers en Marco Jongenelis // APVIS
Animation Demian Albers, Marco Jongenelis en Sjors van der Werff // APVIS
Production Jenny van den Broeke
Voice actors Chiara Tissen (Dutch), Nadia-Jane Bristoll (English), Antje Lohse (German)
Literary translations  Stefan Wieczorek (German) en Willem Groenewegen (English)
Sound design Olivier Nijs
Spatial design Co2RO design