About us

Studio APVIS // Audio Visual Productions & Mixed Media Art

Studio APVIS is a Dutch Design & Art production studio focussing on moving media as a way to express ourselves. Over the years we have produced a variety of audio visual installations, virtual reality experiences and productions for commercial clients and art institutes alike.


Studio APVIS was founded in 2006 by a collective of artists and producers that combine audio visual techniques to share their stories and create immersive experiences. APVIS merges disciplines; AV Design, AR, VR and installations to tickle the imagination and deliver their message.

The APVIS foundation was founded as a research and development space for audio visual art. Over the years our foundation has produced a variety of Virtual Reality and Video Art installations, that have received international acclaim. We challenge ourselves and our partners to research, collaborate and innovate. With the aim to have fun, discover and stay ahead of the game.


Augmented reality companyhttps://www.fectar.com/

Videomapping specialistshttps://www.afterlight.eu/