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Light art installation – Interstices in a Synaptic Space

Client Glow | Light art design- & production  

The light art installation ‘Interstices in A Synaptic Space’ is a visual exploration of the human brain. The installation features dynamic images projected onto a static, two-dimensional drawing. Using light, darkness, and colors, abstract compositions are created and then deconstructed. Despite the constant changing of the imagery, the base structure remains the same. This serves as a metaphor for the functioning of the human brain – while the grey matter itself does not change much in form and structure; it houses complex processes that can take many different forms.

Studio APVIS uses their mastery of light and sound to create an immersive experience that leads the audience on a journey through the vaults of the brain, showcasing the complexity of our thoughts and ideas. The resulting experience is a captivating exploration of the brain’s inner workings, with stunning visual effects and a soundscape that draws the audience into the depths of their own minds.

From 2011 till 2021 Studio APVIS has been producing creative light art productions under the name Afterlight.

 Obtained as a permanent installation by Eindhoven365


 Full creative and technical production by Studio APVIS (Afterlight).