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Blind Walls AR Interactive

Director Demian Albers |   Co-direction Ines Fernandes |   Client Dennis Elbers – Graphic Matters

After the successful AR experience of the murals of BoonieM, Studio APVIS worked with Blind Walls Gallery to transform two more murals into interactive art experiences that expand on the stories that inspired the painters.

This time, the viewer can learn more about the concept behind the mural of Collin van der Sluijs at the Concordiaplein in Breda. The painting was inspired by the life of Abraham de Winter and through your smart device you can experience bits of this life, though sound and image in a full spatial experience.

Taking a short walk around the corner to the Picenistraat, you can play a small shooting game on the mural by Zenk One through your smart device. The mural is about mayor Godevaert Montens, who fiercely protected Breda from Spanish soldiers. In the game, the viewer can protect Breda by shooting the spanish soldiers climbing the lion ruffle. Just like history, you are destined to lose.

Collin van der Sluijs Augmented Reality mural