Henny: the documentary

Client bkkc Tilburg| In Collaboration with Michel Sculz Krzyzanowksi | Project Henny; the documentary

A photo-documentary based on the works by photographer Michel Sculz Krzyzanowksi and the life of Henny.

Photographer Michel Sculz Krzyzanowksi has been following Henny since she was fifteen years old. Now he has already been trailing Henny for 36 years and once in a while a new photo book is released. At the beginning of the project Henny made the statement: ‘Wie geboren is voor een dubbeltje zal nooit een kwartje worden’ which translates roughly into ‘Who is born for a dime never gets to be a quarter’.

Nowadays Henny lives with five of her six children and her alcoholic partner Arie in a small working class home. Every one of her children is troubled with something, ranging from ADHD to Autism or a chronic disease. Life remains difficult.

For the occasion of her sixth photo album ‘Het gaat niet zo best’ (English: ‘It’s not going well’) the BKKC organises an exposition about this unique project.

Over 4000 photos, made in the last 36 years, plus over 12 hours of interviews. This magnitude of material has been edited by Studio APVIS into a photo graphic documentary which is on display at the exposition. Studio APVIS transforms the exposition space into a cozy living room. Sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee, the visitor can experience the life of Henny and her family.

A challenge because the turbulent life story of Henny is not easily captured in it’s essence.

Check out the website of Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski and the BKKC for more information regarding the exposition.


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