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MOEland, rijk van de armen teaser

Client Het Zunderts Toneel | Project MOEland.

Almost 12% of the population of Zundert, a small village in the South of the Netherlands, consists of Central and Eastern European workers, they are called MOElanders. Unofficial estimates run even higher. On the street you see these people everywhere, but contact between the MOElanders and the locals from Zundert hardly happens.

‘MOEland’ does not tell a rounded off story. The subject is still evolving and very current. Theater company ‘Het Zunderts Toneel’ wants to give these new villagers a face by telling their story alongside the story of the local population. ‘MOEland’ shows a series of mini-portraits of a group of Polish workers in an old workshop. Writer Peter Dictus was inspired by the stories of current residents of his former childhood home and his memories of this house. In an old greenhouse the disciplines dance, drama, music and film come together in a mosaic narrative about the subject.
The show has a side program including education for highschool students, a bike ride, an evening where MOElanders and foreign people cook together and a photo exhibition.


During this special project Studio APVIS was part of the core team to share ideas, brainstorm and they even made a research trip to Poland. We are responsible for the projections and film in the play and facilitated the equipment and technique.