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Video mapping installation – The Last Queens Day

Client Gemeente Breda | Light art design- & production  

In 2013, Studio APVIS created a unique video mapping as a tribute to the last Queens Day in the Netherlands, bidding farewell to our Queen. The 3D projection showcased a journey through key moments in the history of Breda, the city where the installation was presented. From the moment of the city’s declaration of rights to its liberation during World War II, the installation brought Breda’s rich history to life.

In addition to the historical narrative, the projection also highlighted the cultural possibilities of Breda both in the present and the future. By doing so, the installation served as a celebration of the city’s past, present, and future potential.

From 2011 till 2021 Studio APVIS has been producing creative light art productions under the name Afterlight.

Full creative production by Studio APVIS (Afterlight).

Technical production by Pronorm

Client: Gemeente Breda