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Video mapping installation – Legato / Stacatto

Client Cidneon Brescia Light festival | Light art design- & production  

At the beginning of time, nature was the only force in existence. However, as civilization developed, architecture slowly began to encroach upon and dominate the natural order. Despite this, civilizations and their structures will eventually crumble and fall, leaving nature to inevitably reclaim its rightful place.

The video mapping installation ‘Legato/Staccato’ explores the ongoing struggle between architecture and nature. Architecture is represented by a rigid and predictable movement, like the staccato rhythm in music, while nature moves with a soft, organic grace, like the legato style. This constant clash between these two opposing themes forms the central element of our 3D mapping show on the entrance gate of the Castle of Brescia.

This year, we have combined our expertise in video mapping with an impressive light show set to a remix of Antonio Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’ from Four Seasons, created by Julian Edwardes ( The resulting audio-visual experience is a captivating display of light, sound, and movement that explores the timeless struggle between architecture and nature.

From 2011 till 2021 Studio APVIS has been producing creative light art productions under the name Afterlight.

Full creative production by Studio APVIS (Afterlight).

Technical production by Pronorm

Client: Cidneon Brescia Light festival