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Video mapping installation – Gridular 3.0

Client Glow Licht Festival | Light art design- & production  

The light art installation ‘Gridular 3.0’ explores the concept of transformation, drawing inspiration from the industrial city of Eindhoven. We utilized the architectural elements of the DELA building to weave a narrative of the city’s evolution from its industrial roots to a more service-based economy driven by human needs. As the story progresses, the building sheds its hard geometric structures and rigid movements, morphing into fluid organic patterns. Through a whimsical and immersive three-dimensional journey, Studio APVIS invites the viewer on a quest to uncover the true identity of the building, culminating in a thrilling reveal of its essence.

From 2011 till 2021 Studio APVIS has been producing creative light art productions under the name Afterlight.

Full creative production by Studio APVIS (Afterlight).

Technical production by Pronorm

Client: GLOW Light Festival