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In CC – Augmented Reality Concert

Client Classic Young Masters | Augmented Reality design- & production  Studio APVIS

Experience a captivating fusion of visual arts and musical performance in the style of Chick Corea through this unique project. Studio APVIS, in collaboration with the talented artists from Classic Young Masters, has created an immersive journey where the visual arts seamlessly blend with the music. Inspired by the musical piece ‘In CC’, Studio APVIS has crafted a series of imaginative artworks that reflect the essence and mood of the music. By using your mobile phone and downloading an app, you can bring these artworks to life and witness enchanting animations accompanying the performance.

During the live performance, the stage lighting will illuminate the appropriate artwork for each section of the music, guiding you through an unforgettable musical journey.

The centerpiece of this project is “in CC,” a composition commissioned by Classic Young Masters, composed by Co Vergouwen. This musical piece pays homage to the legendary jazz musician Chick Corea, who passed away on February 9, 2021. Chick Corea, known as one of the pioneers of “fusion” music, alongside artists like Miles Davis and John McLaughlin, left a profound impact on the world of music. He was a visionary, pushing boundaries and inspiring countless young musicians across the globe.

Performed by the talented Rangel Silaev (2000) on piano and Julian van der Linden (2001) on saxophone, this extraordinary musical performance was launched with great success on January 21st at Electron Breda.

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Client Classic Young Masters

Augmented Reality design- & production  Studio APVIS

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