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(IM)possible Bodies AR City Tour

Experience augmented reality art in the public space.

Because of the COVID regulations there was no opportunity for a physical art exposition for the (IM)possible Bodies Festival in 2020. They approached Studio APVIS and Werff Design to develop an Augmented Reality City Tour to replace their physical exposition.

10 real artworks were digitalized and transformed into a spatial art experience that the audience could explore throughout the city. With the help of the FECTAR app we offered a seamless AR experience. This meant that people could still experience this amazing festival, despite the Corona restrictions; in the city or in their own living room!

(IM)POSSIBLE BODIES is an interactive virtual experience about cyborgs, data and artificial intelligence.

It offers a digital voyage of discovery through augmented realities with (ro)bots, 3D artworks and avatars that meet in a comprehensive, shared and sensory online experience. Visitors enter the online festival using a laptop and an app, bringing works of art to life and even becoming part of them.


Augmented Reality App Fectar

Augmented Reality Design Studio APVIS

3D Design Werff Design, Studio APVIS

Production Stichting Niet Normaal INT,  Jenny van den Broeke