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Blind Love

Director Jenny van den Broeke (APVIS) | Producer | Project Brabantse Beauties, a program by Omroep Brabant

How do you find the love of your life when you cannot see?

Filmmaker Jenny van den Broeke attempts to answer this question in
this short documentary, by filming the lives of three blind teenagers:
Florian, Merel and Ilse. Their love lives as well as their ideas of what
love should be like, differ quite a bit.

Florian’ sighted girlfriend Tara is graduating and wants to move out
of town, while Florian has to stay in high school for another year. Will
their love survive? After eight months of meeting on Skype, Merel is
going to meet her Danish boyfriend in the flesh for the very first time.
And Ilse is still looking for her proverbial ‘Prince on the white horse’,
but she has a very clear idea of what he should look like.

In Blind Love, we experience love through the eyes of these blind teens
by means of animation and ‘finger tip’ camera work.

Website Blinde Liefde

Blind Love was produced as part of the ‘Brabant Beauties’ program (formerly ‘Love in Brabant’) of the public broadcaster Omroep Brabant.


Director Jenny van den Broeke (APVIS);
Camera Jean Counet, Aram Voermans (APVIS), Pierre Rezus, Reinout Steenhuizen;
Sound recording Joris van Ballegoijen, Gillis Kuiper;
Original music Evelien van den Broek;
Sound design Tom Bijnen; Editing: Teun Pfeil, Stefan Kamp.
Animation Studio APVIS and Linde Faas.

Blind Love has been made possible by Mediafonds, BKKC, Gemeente Breda, Provincie Noord-Brabant, LSBS, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds and Omroep Brabant.

Still from Ilse’s animation. All three characters have their own visual design for the animation to give a glimpse of how they experience the world around them.

merelMerel lives at her parents house and is about to meet her Danish boyfriend for the first time in real life.

blind_love_e1Still from Merel’s animation made by animator Linde Faas. Merel claims her whole world exists out of tactile impulses, therefore this whole animation is drawn with pencil on paper to translate the tactile feeling of the materials to the filmscreen.

blind_love_florian_j38Florian walks through the hallway of his highschool. His girlfriend Tara will leave soon to study in another city, he still has one year left at highschool.