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Light art installation – RGB v2

Client Cultuurnacht Breda | Light art design- & production  

The process of RGB color mixing is based on the additive model, where different wavelengths of light are combined to produce white light. This model explains how the human eye perceives all the colors in the light spectrum.In the light art installation ‘RGB v2’ these principles are applied to create captivating geometric optical illusions that showcase the direct process of additive light blending.

The audience can actively participate in the installation by obstructing any of the three RGB projectors with their body, which influences the projected imagery and alters the way the light is blended. This interactive feature allows the audience to engage with the art installation and actively create their own unique visual experience.

From 2011 till 2021 Studio APVIS has been producing creative light art productions under the name Afterlight.


Full creative and technical production by Studio APVIS (Afterlight).