Literature on Screen


SS Rotterdam


Yesterday we were invited to have a nice meeting with the guys from Gouwe Gasten. They have their office at the beautifully renovated ship the SS Rotterdam, relaxing on the deck and talking about creative enterprises with the Oculus Rift.

Test for documentary Westpoint


Blood, sweat and tears but it works; test number two with the improved elevator installation at Westpoint for docu MicroKosmos Westpoint.



This week started adventurous for APVIS colleague Sjors. He travelled to Isola Del Giglio, Italy.
Dutch company Conquest B.V. is in charge of re-floating the Costa Concordia. This cruise ship tragically crashed against the coast two years ago and lays there ever since.
We captured this gigantic process in photos and created impressive timelapses.

Hurray for Oculus Rift!



The Creative Industries Fund and the Dutch foundation for literature granted us the funding to work on our project submission for Literature on the screen! Literature on the screen is a collaboration project between designers and writers which aims to bring literature to new media forms. The goal is to create a final product which will be displayed in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in November 2014.

For this project Studio APVIS will take a literary piece and turn it into a 360 degrees immersive storytelling project for the Oculus Rift. Exciting stuff!

Last Friday we went to Amsterdam for our first meeting with all the other selected artists. An inspiring meeting where we did a lot of brainstorming, planning and talking. We will keep you posted as this process evolves!

Village at the riverside


This beautiful picture was made last weekend during the theatreplay ‘Village at the riverside’ in Lith. During one scene this enormous pike takes a leap from the water leaving the audience stunned. The animation and design were done by Julia Jager art, she was in charge of the production. The watersimulation, lighting, rendering and compositing was done by Studio APVIS.

The film was projected on a waterscreen.
More info:

Nian Hao!


Meeting with our Chinese friends. First step to new opportunities…

Oculus rift


Meet & greet at the Dutch foundation for literature in Amsterdam. Exploring new ideas with oculus rift. . .

Presentation at Konkav


Last friday, Jenny told the story about the documentary Blind Love and the journey from idea to film in relation to the Mediafonds. Hosted by Wiepko Oosterhuis (Mediafonds) together with producer Ernst ter Horst and Lout Donders, Omroep Brabant at konkav platform for av-Brabant.



This Saturday the 31st of May is the premiere of Hark ‘oh Wubs’ brand new movie ‘Ways’.
As people in a city are moving within their own well-known living spaces, which are widely varied, a city map and a musical score arises, based upon the dynamics of these different ways of life.
Studio APVIS designed and animated the line sequences for this production.
Have a look at the trailer of ‘Ways’:
Director, producer, camera and editor: Harko Wubs
Music and sounddesign: Clemens Wijers
Animaton: Studio APVIS
Supported by: Stichting Casterenshoeve, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Gelderland, Nijmegen Centre for Border Research en het Productiefonds Oost.

How to take a shower – Inspirated by the work of James Turrell


One minute movie inspired by James Turrell’s piece “Wedgework 3” at museum De Pont in Tilburg, Netherlands. The video was made by our interns Inês Fernandes and Berry de Jong, with our support.
A man is going to take a shower when he is confronted with a new reality.
Hand drawn animation in TVPaint combined with 3D animation.
Commissioned by The Pont for their new exposition designed by Hans Aarsman: The how to expo:

2D animation and directed by: Inês Fernandes
3D animation and sounddesign: Berry de Jong

Powered by Studio APVIS

Watch the movie

Reinventing Happiness


We supported Jeanne van Heeswijk en Paul de Bruyne at SM’s-Hertogenbosch during the project Reinventing Happiness.

Foto Ben Nienhuis.

Day two @ Westpoint


Microkosmos Westpoint – docu


I will be enjoying a great view this week while working at the 36th floor of Westpoint Tilburg, one of the highest residential buildings in the Netherlands. Documentary film at a high level.


Oculus rift; Little lost in digital space


Oculus rift; Little lost in digital space

AmDoc Palm Springs


Today Blinde Liefde has been screened at the AmDoc filmfestival in Palm Springs, California!

Flying high



Studio APVIS flying high up in the air with Rovers de Ridder for a new project!


Onder ons


Watch your telly this afternoon! Jenny from APVIS will talk about the documentary Blind Love at ‘Onder ons’#OmroepBrabant!

Researching new film equipment


Filmday Rijkswaterstaat

gans1 gans2

Wanna be filmstars during our filmshoot for Rijkswaterstaat in Maastricht!

Infomercial Citroën


The world finally knows the importance of using your air conditioning in the winter! Today Citroën launched the infomercial we produced for them!

Soon on our website!


De avonden


In the second hour of radioprogram ‘De avonden’ a live interview with Jelle Bottema about Blinde Liefde!


Rijkswaterstaat filmday

rwsAfter a small survival tour through lots of mud (and fresh cow dung), we stumbled upon a magnificent view! Sun and good company made this first filmshoot for Rijkswaterstaat a delight.

An eventful day!


We woke up to hear that our project “Blind Love” has won the Short Documentary Jury Award at the Austin Film Festival!
Later today Studio Max ran an item about Blind Love and had a live interview. A little APVIS whirlwind on a stormy day!

Blind Love news


Austin Filmfestival, Austin, Texas, has selected Blind Love! And we just received the review by Austin Fusion Magazine:



Tomorrow big day; the short documentary Blind Love has his WORLD PREMIERE at the San Francisco International Festival of Short Films!

Yes, in San Francisco  Woohooo!

Review – Blind Love

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-20 om 17.48.51 wrote a great review about Blinde Liefde!

‘Van den Broeke heeft met ‘Blinde liefde’  een pareltje afgeleverd. Via de blindenwereld is het uitgekauwde onderwerp van de tienerliefde ineens boeiend en interessant. Terwijl tegelijk de belangrijkste vaststelling is dat die wereld niet zo verschillend is. De liefde komt misschien anders binnen, maar wordt in de basis niet anders ervaren. Er zijn dezelfde twijfels, dezelfde eisen en er is hetzelfde plezier.

‘Blinde liefde’ doet het verrassend goed op Amerikaanse festivals. Het kreeg een eervolle vermelding op het Santa Monica Independent Film Festival en is geselecteerd voor de SF Shorts, een festival voor korte films in San Francisco en het Austin Film Festival in Texas. Die internationale eer is een terechte bekroning voor de originele vraagstelling en de liefdevolle manier waarop de tieners in beeld zijn gebracht. En dat verdient alleen maar een groot applaus.’

Bert Boersma

Blind Love @

For our Dutch readers: Blind Loves is news at


Hunting for pretty images at the information day at Vitens yesterday!vitens2

Filmday at location

vitensOn a journey to a deep, black hole in the middle of nowhere.

The circle of power

circle of powerAhhh, time flies, our former intern Sjors van der Werff graduated! Till wednesday you can have a look at his graduation work; the installation ‘The circle of power’. We are proud and we advise everybody to spend their lazy sunday at the StJoost exposition.
And click here for the story behind the scenes:


Blind Love at Omroep Brabant

Tomorrow night, ‘Blind Love’ night! Thursday 20th at 22.30 the documentary will be broadcast by Omroep Brabant. Sunday you will have a second change at 17.00. The film has been made with lots of love. Enjoy!

‘Henny: de documentaire’

Expositie opening 7 februari 2013 @ bkkc Tilburg