Far Inside – Virtual Reality installation

Documentary vr-installation about life with schizophrenia

Blind Love – short documentary

How do you find love when you can’t see?

Serie of portraits for RWS

Personal stories to give an impression what the work environment looks like

Henny: the documentary

Installation based on the photoworks by Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski

Nuts about PSV

A serie potraits of ‘crazy’ PSV soccer fans.

MOEland, rijk van de armen teaser

Theaterplay in an old greenhouse

ACM safe house

A day at the ACM Amsterdam’s Coordination Point Human Trafficking

bkkc Gloednieuw

Four filmportraits from theatermakers for Gloednieuw festival by bkkc

PURE Hubs: Promo

Cluster Meeting #1Cluster Meeting #1

Green Woods, opening scene

Documentary video installation

Robbie Cornelissen at Central Museum #1

Multiple timelapses of the exhibition Studio Vertigo

Robbie Cornelissen @ Centraal Museum Utrecht

Difference on Display

Videoportrait: Willem Oorenbeek

Traces of water

A portrait about the many faces of water in the province Noord-Brabant.