Without Hands


Het is niet ingewikkeld
als we in woorden voelen
noemen we het gedachten

En als we zonder woorden voelen
heet het een gevoel

‘Zonder Handen’ – Micha Hamel


‘Zonder Handen’ (No Hands) is an immersive 360° installation in which you can experience the philosophical poem ‘Zonder Handen’ written by Micha Hamel for and about the experience of virtual reality. Studio APVIS director Demian Albers visualized this poem in an Oculus Rift environment.

‘Zonder Handen’ is part of Literature on Screen. This is a program in which digital designers and writers jointly develop narrative productions for the tablet or smartphone and centers on the creative interaction between the author and the designer.

Besides Micha Hamel and Studio APVIS director Demian Albers, three pairs of artists have examined the digital possibilities for telling stories:

Mark Boog and John van der Wens, Dichtbij (Close)
Close is an app that writes you a personal poem everyday.
Udo Prinsen and Pauline Genee Laatste woord (Last word),
A literature audiowalk through Amsterdamse Bos, the storylines and perspective are related to the roads you choose to walk.
The design duo Sjoerd ter Borg and Jorrit Schaap in collaboration with writers Daan Heerma van Voss, Gustaaf Peek, Allard Schröder, Carolina Trujillo, and Niña Weijers, Het Land Binnen de Muren (The Land Inside the Walls).
An interactive website which brings a hidden army area in sight through the eyes of five writers.

This program was supported by the cooperation between the Netherlands Literature Foundation (Nederlands Letterenfonds), Foundation for Stimulating Creative Industry (Stimulerings Fonds voor Creatieve industrie) and the research department of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Technical support during project Set Up.

During an afternoon at the Stedelijk, the projects are presented to the general public for the first time, both online and offline.

Zonder Handen - presentatie1Studio APVIS director Demian Albers and Micha Hamel


Zonder Handen - presentatie2 Margriet Schavemaker, curator and head collection & research Stedelijk Museum, introduces the Google cardbox to the audience


Zonder Handen-2Inside the immersive installation


Zonder Handen - oculusAudience experiences the immersive installation during the presentation at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Peace in Progress – Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Escape Room about peace treaty of Breda

Far Inside – Virtual Reality installation

Documentary vr-installation about life with schizophrenia

The New Body vr

Build your own dancer in Virtual Reality

Interactive VR Dance installation


Poetry in Virtual Reality with poet Micha Hamel

Without Hands

Poetry in Virtual Reality with poet Micha Hamel

Blind Love – short documentary

How do you find love when you can’t see?

Meidoornkade 14

Real estate visualization & serious game

Serie of portraits for RWS

Personal stories to give an impression what the work environment looks like

Citroën Aircoservice

Infomercial about Airconditoner for Citroën

Watermakers Vitens

How is water made?

maNga VJ tour

Fanta Festival on tour through Turkey with visuals by Studio APVIS

Henny: the documentary

Installation based on the photoworks by Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski


Graphic animation to promote new mechandise tool

Nuts about PSV

A serie potraits of ‘crazy’ PSV soccer fans.

La Valse Botanique

A short animation in co-operation with Graca Brohm

MOEland, rijk van de armen teaser

Theaterplay in an old greenhouse

Heineken Star serve teaser

Global Bartender Finals

Space for activity

Infographics about the redevelopment of business areas

Freo FC Fan Challenge

This guy can play the PSV anthem on cups and bowls

Invitation for PURE Hubs

Uitnodiging Cluster Meeting 2

ACM safe house

A day at the ACM Amsterdam’s Coordination Point Human Trafficking

bkkc Gloednieuw

Four filmportraits from theatermakers for Gloednieuw festival by bkkc

PURE Hubs: Promo

Cluster Meeting #1Cluster Meeting #1

Green Woods, opening scene

Documentary video installation

TiSIL: Making knowledge work

Infographics for the opening of the “Tilburg Social Innovation Lab”.

Robbie Cornelissen at Central Museum #1

Multiple timelapses of the exhibition Studio Vertigo

Robbie Cornelissen @ Centraal Museum Utrecht

Avans Biochemistry

Promo about Biochemistry for Avans hogeschool.


Tv commercial for national broadcasting


Loosely based on the old greek mythology “Pygmalion”.
Pygmalion tells us a story about the power of obsession.

Difference on Display

Videoportrait: Willem Oorenbeek

The way things are

A film depicting the problems of a graduating artist in assignment of Starterslift

Royal Broese & Peereboom 225th

The film follows the process of making of a book specially made for Royal press Broese & Peereboom 225th anniversary.

Traces of water

A portrait about the many faces of water in the province Noord-Brabant.

10 ways to get over an Artist Block

10 Ways to get over an Artist Block provides suffering artists with some essential tips to get out of an artistic depression.


Sitting in his empty room, a man creates his own world by use of a drawing book.